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The Bachelor degree programme in Cologne

The bachelor degree study program Biochemistry is offered at the University of Cologne since winter term S13/14.

You find more information about specific study program, modules or contact under:

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Mentoring programme

In the course of the reorganization of the study courses, a mentoring program for students of the Bachelor and the Masters degree programmes has been introduced.

Each Bachelor student is allocated a lecturer as personal contact with whom he can discuss questions regarding his studies directly and discreetly. Master students can choose their personal contact from all lecturers. The details regarding the mentoring program are outlined in the examination regulations for B. Sc. and M. Sc. and summarized in the document below.

Lectures responsible for the new study courses:

Study advisers:

  • Dr. A. Czybulka (Diploma study course, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Dr. V. von der Gönna (Teacher training study course, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry)