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Organization of the IRTG/CREATE


The German Speaker is Prof. Klaus Meerholz, University of Cologne. The Canadian Speaker is Prof. William Skene, University de Montreal

Board of PIs

The board of PIs represents the complete body of the investigators and associated research partners of the IRTG/CREATE. This board gathers at the annual meeting to evaluate the progress of the research group and analyses and approves the effectiveness of measures introduced by the feedback of the advisory board and student representatives. The board of PIs decides on the selection of associated partners and new PIs of the IRTG/CREATE. Biannually, the steering committee is elected from the board of PIs.

Steering Committee

The board of PIs will biannually elect the members of the steering committee, which include four representatives from the German and four members from the Canadian universities. The steering committee represents the executive body of the IRTG/CREATE. The committee jointly discusses and develops the scientific concept and strategical development of the research program and the values added by the qualification program, allocates funds and scholarships, and appoints mentors. The steering committee decides on locations and the program outline for the annual meeting of the IRTG/CREATE.

Advisory Board

We will implement an advisory board, which independently oversees the quality and strategic direction of the scientific program, the overall progress of the research conducted, as well as the effectiveness of the qualification program and student education. The advisory board consists of representatives from industry and external scientific personal; we intend to fill the positions of the advisory board with 50% of female HQP.

Student Representatives

Four student representatives (2 GER, 2 CAN) are elected from all PhD students of the network to represent the interests of the students within the IRTG/CREATE, in close collaboration with the mentors.


The German partners will implement a Mentor position at UoC, which is going to attend the students of IRTG/CREATE.

Local Coordinators

Both countries will implement local coordinators for a professional administration of the IRTG/CREATE. These are derived from associated scientists at the postdoc level.